Hi guys…!!! Myself Sreeja, coming from the culturally rich land of Kozhikode (also known as Calicut), Kerala. For all the people coming from the heartland of Kozhikode, food means much more than what you eat to satisfy your hunger. It should fill our hearts and the ‘Kozhikodan’ feeling that comes with it.

Kozhikode is a place that is famous for its forever tasty ‘Kozhikodan Biriyani’ and this a fact that us ‘Kozhikodan’s’ chests burst with pride. Each person has their take on a biriyani (whether it is Chicken, Mutton, Fish or even Beef) and each one has a go to restaurant for a biriyani and mind you, it is a choice that is extremely personal and emotional. For some it is Paragon, and for some it is Rahmath…for some it is Sagar and for some it is the Bombay Hotel. Yes, we have a wide range of restaurants to choose from and they serve you with love and a look that they know you since ages and we just end up calling them ‘Chetta’ (brother) for the hospitality they show us, how small a restaurant is. Thats about the place I’m from and that pretty much sums up about my food expectations wherever I go.

Now I’m here at Bangalore, bit far away from my hearty homeland trying to find the exact feeling and tastefulness that my coastal hometown showered me with. Bangalore is demographically very different, filled with people of various cultures and that gives me an opportunity to learn a lot more about the food and its culture.

The food scene here is fascinating with a lot of cafes, pubs and restaurants and each one has a different cuisine to offer. So here I am, learning and discovering the food scene in Bangalore to satiate the foodie in me and this is my journey.

So join me on this trail where I’m learning, discovering and recreating the food experience that I’m about to embark on. 

Warm Regards,